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Chesterfield County Public Schools is educating more than 58,000 students in 62 schools. Chesterfield County has 38 elementary schools (grades K-5), 12 middle schools (grades 6-8), 11 high schools (grades 9-12) and a technical center.

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Elementary Schools and Schedules
Bellwood 9:15-3:45 Evergreen 9:15-3:45 Reams Road 9:15-3:45
Bensley 8:25-2:55 Falling Creek 9:15-3:45 Robious 9:15-3:45
Beulah 9:15-3:45 Gates 9:15-3:45 Salem Church 8:25-2:55
Bon Air 8:25-2:55 Gordon 9:15-3:45 Elizabeth Scott 9:15-3:45
Chalkley 8:25-2:55 Grange Hall 9:15-3:45 Alberta Smith 8:25-2:55
Clover Hill 8:25-2:55 Greenfield 9:15-3:45 Spring Run 8:25-2:55
Crenshaw 9:15-3:45 Harrowgate 9:15-3:45 Swift Creek 9:15-3:45
Crestwood 9:15-3:45 Hening 9:15-3:45 Watkins 9:15-3:45
Curtis 8:25-2:55 Hopkins 9:15-3:45 Betty Weaver 9:15-3:45
Davis 9:15-3:45 Jacobs Road 8:25-2:55 Wells 8:25-2:55
Ecoff 9:15-3:45 Marguerite Christian 9:15-3:45 Winterpock 8:25-2:55
Enon 9:15-3:45 Matoaca 9:15-3:45 Woolridge 9:15-3:45
Ettrick 9:15-3:45 Providence 9:15-3:45    








Middle Schools Schedule









Bailey Bridge


Carver 7:35-2:05
Elizabeth Davis 8:25-2:55
Falling Creek 8:25-2:55
Manchester 8:25-2:55
Matoaca 8:25-2:55
Midlothian 8:25-2:55
Providence 7:35-2:05
Robious 8:25-2:55
Salem Church 7:25-2:05
Swift Creek 7:35-2:05
Tomahawk Creek 8:25-2:55














CCPS College Fair
High Schools Schedule
L.C. Bird 7:20-1:50
Chesterfield Community High 7:20-1:50
Clover Hill 7:20-1:50
Cosby 7:20-1:50
James River 7:20-1:50
Manchester 7:20-1:50
Matoaca 7:20-1:50
Meadowbrook 7:25-2:00
Midlothian 7:20-1:50
Monacan 7:20-1:50
Thomas Dale 7:20-1:50
Technical Center 7:20-1:50












High School Resources

Extracurricular Activities/Clubs


Senior Handbook

Virginia High School League Rules

Secondary School Choices
In addition to the broad spectrum of programs in each comprehensive high school, CCPS offers students the opportunity to participate in optional academic programs related to special interests.

We invite you view the Specialty Center Brochure for more information on each Specialty Center available through Chesterfield Public Schools.

Specialty Centers and Locations

Center for Visual and Performing Arts Thomas Dale High
Center for Teaching and Learning Through Technology Matoaca High
Center for Mass Communications Manchester High

Center for Spanish Immersion

Manchester High
Center for Mathematics and Science Clover Hill High

Center for the Humanities

Monacan High

International Baccalaureate Program

Midlothian High
International Baccalaureate Program Meadowbrook High

Governor’s Academy for Engineering Studies

L.C. Bird High

Center for Leadership and International Relations

James River High
Chesterfield Technical Center Adjacent to L.C. Bird

Center for Health Science

Cosby High

Admission Documents
Please download documents below to fill in, print and submit to school Guidance Office.

(2011-12 documents will be available soon. Thank you for your patience.)

Specialty Center Application Requirements

Specialty Center Application
Specialty Center Recommendation Form

Specialty Center Event Calendar
Specialty Center Student Calendar of Events

Specialty Center Coordinator Directory

Other Options for Secondary Students
CCPSOnline, Fulghum Center

Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School for Government and International Studies

Appomattox Regional Governor’s School for the Arts and Technology