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CCPS Mission and School Board Vision for 2012

In 2003, the School Board adopted a new vision statement and related revisions to the CCPS mission. These statements are the result of a year's work with the community and serve as the basis for revisions to our six-year strategic plan for the school division, direct our budget decisions and set the parameters for capital and other improvements.


The mission of Chesterfield County Public Schools is to work in partnership with students, families and the community to ensure that each student acquires the knowledge, skills and core values necessary to achieve personal success and to enrich the community.


In 2012, we envision that every Chesterfield school will be a thriving, dynamic and inspiring educational environment that produces self-directed learners with 21st-century skills and stimulates citizens of all ages to trust in, invest in and benefit from public education.

The Design for Excellence six-year strategic plan illuminates the path to achieving the School Board’s vision. The goals of the plan are

Goal 1. Academic excellence for all students

Goal 2. Safe, supportive, nurturing learning environments

Goal 3. Knowledgeable and competent workforce

Goal 4. Community investment in schools

Goal 5. Effective and efficient system management